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Specialty Products

These products are only available for delivery. We do not stock these products in our yard. 

Recycled Concrete

5/8" Minus or 1 1/4" Minus

Recycled concrete is best used for engineered structural fill and embankments, as well as a sub-base material for foundations, parking lots, and driveways.

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Type 13

1 1/4" Clean - Railroad Ballast

1 1/4" Clean is used to top muddy and soft driveways. It is also used for traction, construction, and erosion prevention.

Type 17

Gravel Barrow

City of Seattle-specification free-draining structural fill

Type 17 is a mixture of bank sand and drain rock is  excellent for use as a structural, compactable fill material for residential or other construction uses.


Type 26

Gravel Borrow

City of Seattle-specification free-draining structural fill

2" x 4" Quarry Spall

2" - 4" clean crushed rock

2"x4" Quarry is commonly used for construction entrances, wet travel areas, as a base layer for roads, and seawall backfill.


4" x 8" Quarry Spall

4" - 8" clean crushed rock

This rock is normally used for construction area entrances. It can be used for landscaping projects, gabion basket fill, seawall backfill or to line stormwater projects.

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