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We offer a wide variety of soils, aggregates, and composts for every landscape project! Whether you are a landscape contractor or a home gardener, our experienced staff will assist you in finding the most suitable product and quantity to meet your performance needs. Visit our barkyard in Burien, Washington, or call us for delivery and pricing!


We are not responsible for any product overages and/or shortages. We work with our suppliers to ensure we always have ample inventory, but supply chain issues do happen. All product calculations for your order are also approximate due to the nature of all landscape product materials. Aspects such as compaction, grade, and average depth across the project area(s) can cause product volume to vary—volume being defined as how much space the product takes up. It is the customer’s responsibility to round up or round down on orders of material.



Our delivery service consists of transporting landscape materials to a customer—with the stipulation that there is a dump truck-accessible area where the product can be offloaded via the dump truck’s hydraulic lifting bed. The safety of our drivers is our first concern, and we strive for efficient deliveries resulting in no property damage. Any placement of landscape material is at the discretion of the delivery driver. 


While we do our best to inquire about dump truck accessibility when an order is placed, the delivery driver will deem whether an area is dump truck-accessible or not, including but not limited to tree branches; power lines; road or driveway condition, grade, width, and turn radius; and if requested to drive over soil, condition of ground. When our drivers are requested to navigate through an area that’s not easily accessible with a dump truck, we will require a signed waiver that releases Burien Bark from all liability for damage to the property for delivery. If your order contains more than one material, the driver determines how it’s loaded up in the truck and which product is manually offloaded. 



We make deliveries inside curb lines only and on the property at the customer’s risk only and accept no responsibility whatsoever for damage resulting from such delivery.



All cancellations or changes must be made before your delivery order has been prepared and/or dispatched, i.e., the dump truck(s) are loaded up with materials and/or have left the bark yard. If your delivery order has been dispatched and you’d like to cancel, we reserve the right to keep your delivery service fee since the service has already been started. In situations where the dump truck does not fit into 1) your requested dumpsite; 2) a dump truck-accessible area; and/or 3) driveway, parking strip/spot/lot, or alley, we reserve the right to keep the delivery service fee since the service has already been started.



Loading of materials into your vehicle may cause damage to the paint or body of your vehicle. We load loose and bagged product into vehicles at the customer’s risk only and accept no responsibility whatsoever for damage resulting from such loading.


Customers navigate the yard and personally load product at their risk only. This includes but is not limited to viewing a product in its bin instead of a sample at one of the purchasing windows; manually loading bags of product or filling 5-gallon buckets with product; moving large rockery rocks; and unloading yard waste. We accept no responsibility for any injury to any customer suffered while navigating the yard or personally moving product.



We may accept returns on unused retail items and unopened bags of product. For all returns, the customer must present the item(s) and receipt(s) for a refund. Restocking fees may apply. No refunds or returns on discounted retail or product. We cannot accept returns or provide refunds on loose material or bulk material due to possible contamination.

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