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JB Instant Lawn Sod

DISCLAIMER: Sod is a perishable item, so we recommend laying it as soon as you receive your pallet(s) for the best results. Sod grows best during mid-Spring or after Winter’s last frost and before Summer’s heat spell; we ask customers to take note that laying down sod during the hottest/coldest peak of the year will require extra maintenance

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JB Signature Brand sod is well suited to moderate climates and has been used successfully in Oregon and Washington. Our Signature varieties are versatile, all-purpose turfgrass that can be used for commercial landscapes, recreational parks, and playgrounds, but JB Signature is also particularly well suited for home lawns and will add exceptional elegance to formal landscape settings. JB Signature is available in 8 square feet rolls (24″ x 48″). It is cut by a machine and rolled with soil facing out.

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1 Pallet minimum (480 sq/ft)

55¢ sq/ft 

$130 delivery fee

$5 pallet fee, per pallet

Sod is sold in 80 sq/ft increments (10 rolls) after the one pallet minimum (480 sq/ft)

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