Are you open to the general public?
Yes! No appointment needed. Show up to get loaded or take a look around our yard at all the products we have to offer.

Where are you located?
Our material yard and retail shop are conveniently located on 1st Ave South and 132nd see map, just north of the Burien Fred Meyer. The loading yard is easily accessible.

Who can help me at Burien Bark?

Any staff who answers our phone or are in the office are prepared to help you with concerns and questions, as well as orders for delivery or pick-up. Staff outside in the yard are always available to load you with bags and bulk products!

What is mulch?

Mulch is a catch-all term for topdressing to hold moisture. This can include bark or amendments/composts. Use bark mulch for suppressing weeds. Use an amendment for adding nutrients to your soil or garden.

How much can my truck hold?

We recommend checking the amount of weight your truck can hold. For smaller pick-up trucks, we do not recommend more than ½ yards for heavy products such as rock or soil blends. For larger trucks, 1 yard or more is possible. Light products such as bark are less than 1000 pounds and therefore, all/many trucks can handle at least 1 yard of bark.

How do I measure my area?

Always measure your area in feet. We do not recommend estimating your measurements or square footage. If your area is square or rectangle, measure the sides (length and width). If your area is a circle, measure directly across the area. Measure the entire perimeter of any other area and we will be happy to help you find your square footage. Use our calculator online too!

What should I use for my driveway?

We do not recommend any round rock/washed rock because it does not pack down and makes a mess. Always use product with ‘minus’ in the name such as 5/8 minus.

Can I bring yard waste to you?

We accept clean yard waste for recycling including: grass clippings, branches, brush, bush trimmings, leaves, mulch, roots, and bushes. No sod, soil or dirt. Soil must be removed from root system. Call for pricing.

How do you sell products?

Most of our bulk products are sold by the cubic yard (3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet). We also offer bags or you can fill your own containers. We can load into your vehicle or deliver to your project site.

Do you have bags of product?

Yes! We bag a majority of our products. Please call us for availability, pricing and bag sizes.

Do you offer contractor/landscaper discounts?

Yes, we offer commercial discounts when picking up product in bulk. Please call our office for pricing.

Can I pay for a yard and pick it up in 2 trips?

Yes! Let us know when you pay so we can give you a return ticket. Return tickets do not expire, but do not lose them!


Do you deliver?

Yes! We can deliver any amount 1 yard or over and any quantity you need for the job.

Do you provide blow-in services?

Unfortunately, we do not have a blower truck.

Do you have a minimum quantity for delivery?

Our minimum for delivery is 1 yard.

Can I get same day delivery?

We work hard to provide fast delivery services. Calling the morning of is the best case for wanting same day delivery. Please call at least the day before for next-day, early morning time slots. To ensure the desired day and delivery time window, it is best to give us at least a one-day notice.

How do split delivery loads work?

Split loads can hold 4 yards TOTAL of material because of the weight our split load truck can handle. Split loads separate products by a tarp and placement of the material in the truck bed. Split loads are an extra $15 on top of the usual delivery fee because the driver has to shovel out one of the products of the driver’s choosing.

What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery fees are based on the quantity of your load and the location of the delivery address. Please call us for quotes, prepared with the address of the delivery and either measurements of the area of product or the quantity of product.